This page was last updated: August 13, 2018
Welcome to BWK!  Northwoods Finest Canine Care Facility!
"From the eyes you can see the heart and the soul of all creatures, even humans." 
"So be sure to look deep into the eyes of mankind."
Welcome to Black Wolf Kennels!  Our building is designed to meet our clienteles needs.  We devote our time to our special friends that visit us every day!  Our facility has a very comfortable, cozy country feeling since we are surrounded by trees, water and nature.  Our choice is to be a small facility so that we can comfort each and every pet individually during their stay!  We are a professional full service kennel in boarding, training, breeding and an emergency facility for disastrous situations.  Our friends spend most of their day running, digging and playing with other dogs in our nine forested exercise areas.  We  provide a very clean, safe and healthy kennel environment and we abide by the Animal Bill of Rights and the Code of Ethics.  We are a very personable business and want our clients to enjoy their vacations so please feel free to e-mail, call or meet with us with any questions you may have.  Our website is filled with music!  ENJOY!
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Our new location for dog boarding is 7236 Giants Ridge Road, Embarrass MN!

We will be offering swimming, bathing, dock jumping, many types of training and SO MUCH MORE!

Puppies born August 9th, 2018!!