Hello! My name is Lisa Fabish and I have owned and operated Black Wolf Kennels since 2002 with my husband Mark (who is a health/phy-ed teacher and football/basketball coach) and our three sons (Cody, Ty and Beau).
Black Wolf Kennels was originally located in Embarrass MN and was also a canine boarding facility, which we recently closed in October of 2018 due to us moving to Angora, MN.  Our new facility still remains under the name Black Wolf Kennels, however we are only doing canine training and behavioral counseling and breeding of our beloved Newfoundlands at this time. 
Since we have lived in our new home, we have been remodeling our new facility so it is still under construction and we hope to finish the spring of 2019. 

Before the opening of BWK, I was employed as a Head Veterinarian Technician for almost nine years. I loved working in the field of animal clinical care, however my dream was always to open my own canine care facility and provide the best care in the area for my clients and their furry family members.
I am grateful for the knowledge and experience I received while working hands on with the animals and with many types of emergency situations.

Since the opening of BWK, I have applied several more animal degrees to my background as I believe one can never have enough knowledge and training when it comes to caring, training and breeding our best friends.
In April 2006, I graduated with honors from the Animal Behavior College as a Certified Animal Professional Canine Trainer. I am also a mentor trainer through the college to help and assist student trainers. 
I am also a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator through the AKC and also a Certified Pet Care Technician through ABKA.
I have also taken many courses through FEMA to help and assist animals during emergency situations.
I have volunteered many hours through our local humane societies to personally train and assess canines to make them adoptable throughout our communities.
Throughout the years, I have been involved with several animal organizations whose primary concern and focus is the ethical responsibility, love and management we give to our companion animals. 
If you are interested in any type of canine training, please click here for more information. (Training page is under construction at this time)

Another dream of mine was to breed the "Gentle Giant" and provide families with slobber, loyalty and immense love.
I have been breeding Newfoundlands since 2003. Even though it has been an emotional journey, I have loved and enjoyed every step of the way.
​My first priority is the health and longevity of this wonderful breed. My Newfs are OFA tested and you can review their results on their individual pages.
I have imported my Newfoundland's and applied many years of research into each and every one of their pedigrees to breed responsibly and also to provide the Newfoundland characteristics, health and breed standard I am striving for.
I only breed once or twice a year and I also have a waiting list.
I also require the questionnaire to be filled out on my website and a phone discussion or meeting with the families personally, if interested in a puppy of mine.  (I could talk for hours about the Newfoundland, so please allow extra time.)  :) :)

I would be happy to answer any questions about my breeding program or canine training/behavioral counseling. Please feel free to email me at lisafabish@bwkennelsmn.com or call 218-780-2236.

In closing, I love all animals......... however, the Newfoundland has my heart.
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