Natural Rearing Puppy Diet



A puppy should never be coaxed or tempted to eat. If food is not eaten rapidly the puppy should be fasted for from twelve to twenty-four hours.

Every puppy over four months old should have a half-day fast (e.g. give cereal later in the day than usual, then no meat) one day per week (suggested every Sunday); a whole day fast one day per month.

Every adult a weekly one-day fast.

For the natural rearing diet it is recommended there be one meatless day per week, using instead milk, eggs, white cheese with cereal. One fast day should follow this, giving fluids only and a laxative (senna tea for e.g.) the same night, also herbal pills the next morning. This simple nature treatment wards off disease toxins, rests the kidneys, which are always overworked on a meat diet, and rejuvenates the dog.

Hungry dogs can be given a little honey in their water at meal times, or very watery diluted milk, or water from flaked oats or barley, obtained from pouring hot water over the flakes and soaking them over-night.

A dog should be allowed to eat to capacity on plain whole-grain cereals, only controlling the amount of meat. A dog could well overeat on meat, but it is unlikely to do so on plain cereals.

Never give hot food, lukewarm or cold is the natural temperature.



Milk with honey. 1 tsp. honey per cup of whole milk. 
Give 1 1/3 Cups........increase to 2 Cups as puppy grows

Large flake rolled oats soaked overnight in a mixture of 1/4 buttermilk to 3/4 whole milk or whole raw milk.
Give 1 1/3 cups.......increase as puppy grows.
         Add following supplements to 12 noon meal:

500 mgs. glucosamine hydrochloride or 1000 mgs. glucosamine sulphate
1 1/2 T. canola oil
3 T. wheat germ
750-1000 mgs. ascorbic acid or ester C
1 egg      (3-4 times weekly)
1 tsp. cod  or halibut liver oil   (3-4 times weekly)

1 1/3 Cups lean raw meat.......increase as puppy grows.
DISCONTINUE this meal at 7 months.

1 1/3 Cups lean raw meat
         Add Following Supplements to 8pm meal:

2 T. wheat germ
500 mgs glucosamine hydrochloride or 1000 mgs. glucosamine sulphate
2 T. bran
1 tsp. kelp
1 tsp. black strap molasses
2T. ground greens mixture
Increase 8pm meal as puppy grows.        
Note: This is an estimated amount for a 12 week old puppy. Amounts will vary according to calories needed by size of puppy and coldness or wamness of weather temperature.



   To make soaked oats, you can soak enough for several days and keep it in the fridge. The buttermilk will keep 
   it fresh.

   Soak oats in mixture of 1 part buttermilk, 3 parts whole milk.  Cover with milk mixture to top of oats. Stir and          soak at least overnight.  Use slow cooking large flake oats. Store in fridge. (optional- oats can be soaked
   in whole raw milk instead of mixture if desired.)

   To make greens - a one week supply

   Put 1 Cup water in blender.  Add and blend.......adding more water if needed.
6 cloves garlic
1 large carrot-chopped
egg shells from egg days
wedge of cabbage
2-3 Cups parsley or clean dandelion leaves or celery leaves or watercress or a mixture of all.
   Note: Do not use spinach or any other plant high in oxalic acid as oxalic acid interferes with the absorptionof calcium.

   Introduce the fast days gradually by:
discontinuing the 4pm meat meal on Wednesday and Sunday by 4 months of age
discontinuing the 8pm meat meal on Wednesday and Sunday by 5-6 months
discontinuing cereal meal on Sunday by 7-8 months
   By 7 months the puppy should be on his milk meal,cereal meal and 8pm meat meal.
   By 10 months the puppy should be on his noon meal of cereal and 8pm meat meal  and a full day fast on Sunday and half day meatless fast on Wednesday.

   Continue glucosamine until 2 years of age.

   Keep clean fresh water available at all times.