Pattesdouces Yukon Black Wolf
Imported from Quebec, Canada

Yukon is the "big baby" of our family.  His DOB is 5/08/06 and he's 180 lbs!  and if he doesn't want to do something???.......
He just "simply" doesn't!
He loves to be bathed and brushed. He is also from Quebec and is Kaines nephew.  He is Cystinuria normal, DNA'd, OFA'd elbows, OFA'd heart, OFA'd thyroid, OFA'd patellas and OFA'd Hips *GOOD*.   His sire is Aaron Yaco from Canada and his dam is Pattesdouces Igloo Inukshuk (which is the same bloodline as Kaine's).  Yukon has a large background of championships and health in his bloodline.  
Yukon is a strong, massive boy and also very sweet, gentle and extremely intelligent!  He is the "pack leader" of the boys!
Yukon is absolutely outstanding with his temperament, size, health and strength!!

We love this little (BIG) guy!